Out in the Snow

So, if you live in central Texas, you know that last week it actually snowed! Real snow is not normal here. We do get sleet and ice fairly often, and I hear it widely regarded by locals as “snow”.  About once a year, the sleet will freeze right before it hits the ground and scatter white little ice crystals about, but this is NOT snow. Trust me, I’m originally from Michigan! So, understandably, I tend not get too excited when I hear an Austin snow forecast.

So, imagine my delight about 2am last Wednesday, as I peeked out my apartment window to behold SNOW, actual SNOW! Real snow flakes were floating down into a fine powder blanket on the ground. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and tripod on my way out the door hoping to catch a rare sight. The lens on my camera was my Rokinon 85mm f/1.4. I love this lens and leave it on my camera most of the time.

The snow came down for about a good hour and then slowed, at which point I headed back. Inside, I warmed myself back up and went about doing something else. Distracted, I didn’t look at the footage until the next day. With a fresh outlook, I edited what I caught into this short. Hope you like it!

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